Insights to Help Understand Our Patients

  Jun 9, 2019 7:28:09 AM
The University of Alabama at Birmingham has had a traditional retail pharmacy associated with the university since the 1980’s. By 2015, they were looking to get into specialty pharmacy. At the time, the team needed a clinical data system, a platform for longitudinally following their patient’s medication therapy management, as well as the patient documentation necessary to gain URAC accreditation. They had an electronic medical record and a retail pharmacy dispensing system but neither could practically and efficiently meet these needs.  UAB subscribed to Therigy for its robust documentation of clinical care and patient education for URAC standards compliance.

Ease of pulling data to prove compliance

Now for the big question - data and analytics. How could they show how their staff was performing and their patients’ compliance? Download the detailed case study to find out how UAB did this with TherigySTM's robust reporting tool, TherigyInsights.  


"Therigy is cutting edge. With TherigySTM, I can monitor and evaluate our pharmacy's performance all within one system. Without Therigy this is just a black hole."   - Matt Malachowski, UAB Medicine




For more information on how you can prove your pharmacy value  through TherigyInsights, click here