Specialty Pharmacy Clinical Care Plans

Disease state-specific clinical care plans for your pharmacy team to use to manage your patients efficiently and effectively.

Patient Care Coordinator Clinician Patient

Automated care plans with in-depth clinical decision-making

Our team of pharmacists has developed standardized care plans, activities, and protocols in 35+ therapeutic categories and 1,000+ medications.  These industry-leading eCare plans are comprised of decision support questions that can be tailored to fit your pharmacy workflow and needs. 

Effectively onboard your patients for therapy management

TherigySTM provides flexible options for your pharmacy to onboard patients.

  • Import, integrate from dispensing/EHR systems, or add patients manually
  • With two identified pharmacy roles (Patient Care Coordination and Clinician), each have a streamlined workflow and process to manage patients efficiently and effectively

Manage your referrals 

TherigySTM's Referral Manager provides a reliable way to support the management, tracking, and reporting of referrals.

  • Capture necessary data regarding specialty referral status through benefits investigation, prior authorization, patient assistance, and scheduling while documenting each of the junior processes
  • Move the referral through the approval process while enabling documentation required for analysis and reporting

Provide high touch care to your patients

TherigySTM's automated care plans help your pharmacy provide high touch care to your patients. 

  • Each disease state-specific care plan has initial and follow-up activities for both the Patient Care Coordinator and Clinician
  • Therigy's staff clinicians regularly maintain care plans to keep you up to speed with the latest and greatest specialty updates so you can focus on patient care
  • Additional activities include lab data collect, fatigue severity screen, shipping, tracking, depression screening, quality of life, and more

Proactively intervene with your patients

Interventions are an essential and integral part of the clinical pharmacy service and pharmaceutical care practice.

  • Document patients starting on new drug therapies, dose adjustments, or discontinuing drug therapy, while providing patient-specific drug and disease information, behavioral support, and referrals to other healthcare professionals

Real-time assessment scoring

TherigySTM has developed real-time patient assessment scoring to help your pharmacy team determine when action is needed.

  • Care plans include disease specific activities including PROMIS GLOBAL-10 assessments/follow-ups, PROMIS Pediatric Global 7+2 assessments, ARMS-7 adherence activities, FACIT-Fatigue scale activity, and RAPID 3 screening and follow-ups
  • Other activities include patient satisfaction survey, PHQ-9 depression screening, and more

Disease State-Specific Care Plans

Therigy's pharmacists on staff regularly maintain these care plans to keep you up to speed with the latest and greatest specialty therapy updates so you can focus on patient care.  

Asthma & Allergy
Bleeding Disorders

Cystic Fibrosis
Growth Hormone Disorders
Hematologic Disorders

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Movement Disorders
Multiple Sclerosis

Other Inflammatory Conditions

Psoriatic Arthritis
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Rheumatoid Arthritis

General (including 500+ medications)


Learn more about how you can manage your pharmacy and explore patient-driven data with TherigySTM's reporting tool, TherigyInsights.

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