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Using TherigySTM to Satisfy URAC Standards blog-01

Using TherigySTM to Satisfy URAC Standards

  August 01, 2017

Following the recent URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 Accreditation webinar, we sent attendees a post-event survey. We gathered results. We took a close look. And, we are responding.

Many of you fine folks asked us how you can use TherigySTM™ to satisfy URAC standards requirements. Let us tell you…

As you know, achieving accreditation makes you a better organization and more credible to payers, pharmaceutical companies, and patients. And, because therapy management software streamlines the process of securing URAC accreditation, you’ll have a much easier time obtaining the industry’s seal of approval, validating that yours is, indeed, a high-performing specialty pharmacy.

Accreditation Support Built into TherigySTM

TherigySTM has accreditation support built into its technology. This therapy management software prompts and assists you in taking the patient-related actions that accreditation standards require, including:

  • Measuring and reporting performance
  • Making appropriate and timely pharmacy care recommendations
  • Conducting patient assessments and reassessments
  • Providing essential education
  • Engaging in timely interventions
  • Collaborating with physicians and other healthcare providers

TherigySTM also:

  • Ensures that all patient care plans, including all assessments, all patient education, and all interventions, are based on the very latest clinical research and best practice guidelines, which URAC requires
  • Is dedicated to increasing patient adherence and improving patient outcomes, which is essential to earning accreditation
  • Automatically captures all relevant patient data so you can demonstrate your progress in these areas to URAC in clear and definitive ways
  • Ensures consistent records maintenance—over time, across patients, diseases, facilities, and branches
  • Automatically aggregates this information so you can use it for reporting, data analytics, and more
  • Greatly reduces the amount of time your staff spends on any one report or application

End-to-end Integration

One of the greatest strengths of TherigySTM is that it’s integrated end-to-end—from onboarding all Using TherigySTM to Satisfy URAC Standards blog-02the way through to reporting. It integrates:

  • With leading dispensing systems in order to accept patient demographics and other referral or intake data
  • Benefits, prior authorization, benefits appeals, and obtaining patient financial assistance through Therigy’s Referral Manager

Therigy’s care plans help pharmacy staff manage two key processes: initial patient assessments and ongoing, or follow-up, patient assessments. TherigySTM helps staff manage all ongoing assessments and activities across 20+ disease states, 400+ assessments, and 900+ medications, including:

  • Patient care coordinator (PCC) activities
  • Clinical assessments
  • Clinical interventions
  • Patient education

Care Plans Based on the Latest Clinical Evidence

Therigy’s team of subject matter experts scour the latest medical and clinical literature, FDA reports, manufacturer guidelines, and other publications on an ongoing basis—all to ensure you have direct access to all of this vital information without having to spend the time doing the research yourself. As a result, these care plans are based on the latest clinical evidence and best practices.

Therigy’s therapy management software allows you to automate, standardize, and scale evidence-based care — end-to-end — for all of your patients.

Once TherigySTM users collect the data, this data can be analyzed and reported using Therigy’s advanced reporting to satisfy URAC reporting requirements.

Proving Patient Outcomes

This structured data helps pharmacies, providers, and others to prove patient outcomes, which is a growing issue in healthcare, especially for specialty pharmacies.

Proving patient outcomes means to conclusively demonstrate the direct consequence of your activities — Using TherigySTM to Satisfy URAC Standards blog-03determining and documenting the effect of what you do for your patients.

At a minimum, you need to be able to show how well your patients are adhering to their prescribed therapies. Further, you want to show how your interventions helped solve patients’ problems with therapy.

URAC requires documentation of services and outcomes in four major areas:

  1. Clinical outcomes
  2. Financial outcomes
  3. Patient quality of life
  4. Patient satisfaction

TherigySTM cues your staff to collect all of the information and data that you’ll need for your various reports in these categories.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

URAC requires specific, detailed reports on both objective and subjective outcomes classified for both individual drugs and disease states. Therigy’s advanced reporting allows you to do just that.

You have the option to generate dozens of different required reports using Therigy’s advanced reporting. For example, you can:

  • Show patient compliance levels with specific patient-management standards tied directly to URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 Accreditation Standard PM 14
  • Document the clinical outcomes at the medication level
  • Show the specific amounts of financial assistance that your patients have received through your patient-assistance program
  • Produce detailed reports of humanistic outcomes, like patients’ quality of life and satisfaction levels

Many specialty pharmacies count on TherigySTM’s comprehensive patient management tools to meet URAC accreditation standards. In fact, 60 percent of URAC-accredited health system specialty pharmacies depend on TherigySTM to manage their specialty pharmacy operations, and more than 400,000 specialty patients across the country receive care by clinicians using TherigySTM.

Therigy  Partner with Therigy to conduct outcomes studies based on real-world evidence across 20+ specialty disease states and 400+ specialty medications.
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