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The Challenge of Getting Approval for Specialty Drug Therapies and Referrals blog-01

The Challenge of Getting Approval for Specialty Drug Therapies and Referrals

  November 30, 2017

One of the roles of specialty pharmacy is to deliver potentially life-altering and often complex therapies as quickly as possible. However, in the industry’s current state, many specialty pharmacies experience lengthy, drawn-out, and complicated approvals that traverse various stakeholders with unique needs and requirements, multiple systems, and different people at different stages of the referral process

From prescriber to fulfillment, the referral process is subject to a number of exceptions and decision trees, typically containing multiple stages and passing through the hands of several entities. Intake, benefits investigation, prior authorization, financial assistance, and any denials and appeals may all be further complicated when one or more entities uses fax transmissions that must be manually entered into a database to be passed along to the next entity.

To streamline the process, preserve data integrity, and ensure that each patient receives critical treatment in a timely manner, today’s specialty pharmacy can enlist the help of specialized tools and technology that help patient care coordinators and benefit investigators manage the referral process.

Every pharmacy stakeholder encounters many challenges in the current referral process.

Referral Process Challenges

The approval procedure differs significantly depending on a unique mix of the prescriber, pharmacy, payer, plan, and manufacturer needs.

Specialty Drug Referral Manager Tasks

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Common challenges often include:

  • Ambiguity in referral status, which often occurs from disparate, unconnected solutions
  • Inability to seamlessly integrate with current systems, processes, and workflows
  • Influx in forms and paperwork that may be filled out by hand and entered into one or more systems
  • Data integrity compromise from manual entry mistakes, double entry, lost or misplaced documents, and other human errors
  • A lack of organization and tracking that can lead to difficulty when reporting to key stakeholders

Therigy is here to help make specialty pharmacy easier.

TherigyOnboard™ for an Automated, Easier, and More Efficient Referral Process

To help specialty pharmacies, TherigySTM customers can subscribe to TherigyOnboard – Therigy’s new and enhanced referral management solution – a process management tool that works to simplify the referral process, expedite each patient’s time to therapy, and ultimately improve outcomes. This feature increases the visibility and integrity of data while improving communication and reporting between team members and stakeholders.

Key features include:

  • Integration with your existing workflow and solutionsThe Challenge of Getting Approval for Specialty Drug Therapies and Referrals blog-02
  • Clear task structure with start and end times to facilitate communication
  • Status updates, tracking, and timeframe-specific reporting
  • Collaboration between multiple users on multiple systems
  • Robust data capture, and reporting for improved management of the onboarding process

Therigy is committed to creating more value for its customers. During the next few weeks, the company will reveal several new and enhanced therapy management solutions designed to improve the overall user experience, reporting capabilities, and more.

Are you attending the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) 2017 Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida from Dec. 3-7? We want to connect with you. Come visit Therigy at booth #1060 for an exclusive preview of TherigyOnboard newest features and capabilities.

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