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Therigy to host Webinar: Tuesday, October 16

  October 10, 2018

Therigy will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 2-3pm EDT. We want to invite you to join the webinar titled: Systems Interoperability and its Impact on Coordinated Specialty Therapy Management. To read the webinar overview and to register to join, please click below and you will be redirected to our registration page.


Featured Topics:

  • Why specialty patient outcomes can be enhanced through coordination and integration of care and therapy management activities.
  • Current role and uses of various systems (dispensing systems, electronic medical records, electronic pharmacy records/care management systems) existing limitations and the need for system interoperability.interoperability
  • Dispensing system/care management system interoperability case study.
  • Pathway to a meaningful pharmacy system integration with Health System EMRs and the benefits for specialty pharmacy management.

Therigy's Team of Speakers:

jon hamrick.jpg
kate fontneau.jpg

Jon Hamrick, MBA - President and COO

Russel Allinson, RPh, MS - Executive Chairman

Kate Fontneau - Director - Product & Technology

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