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TherigySTM is Therigy's specialty patient management software solution, built by pharmacists, for pharmacists.  Interoperable with major dispensing systems and EHRs, TherigySTM provides your pharmacy with standardized patient care plans for over 24 diseases states, and can track, monitor, and prove patient outcomes and pharmacy key metrics - all within one system that scales with your pharmacy's growth.

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Whether you're just starting in specialty pharmacy or you're already established and looking to expand and improve, our industry leader experts can give you the guidance you need to predict future trends, reach accreditation goals, access payor and pharma contracts and more.

Scale your pharmacy for growth, control costs, proactively manage your patients, and prove patient outcomes

with TherigySTM's robust reporting tool, TherigyInsights.


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Therigy’s Response to COVID-19 - Official Statement and Resources for your pharmacy


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Therigy to Present Series of Innovative Studies at 2020 NASP Annual Meeting and Expo


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