Your Total Patient-Centered Therapy Management Solution

With TherigySTM™, you gain a more efficient & effective way to onboard, engage & manage specialty patient populations, meet accreditation & prove outcomes—all through a single system.

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Manage your workflow, onboard patients & make the referral management process easier & more efficient with automated triggers.

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Assure high-quality, effective & consistent specialty therapy patient support using always-updated, ready-to-use care plans across 20+ disease states.

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Access the gateway to a world of mobile patient engagement & digital communication and education tools — meet patients where they are.

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Achieve accreditation requirements, generate reports for payers & providers, prove the value of your clinical programs & much more.

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Manage Your Entire Patient Care Workflow

Onboard patients & make the referral management process easier & more efficient with automated triggers. Now you can track the re-authorization so you don’t miss a step.

  • Eliminate double entry
  • Increase the accuracy & integrity of your data
  • Improve communication & reporting between stakeholders
  • Integrates with most dispensing systems 
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Automate, Elevate & Scale Your Patient-Care Programs

Assure that you’re saving time & money, meeting accreditation standards & consistently delivering high standards of care with the best possible outcomes for all your patients.

  • Complete ready-to-use care plans across 20+ specialty disease states
  • Includes 900+ assessments, supporting 400+ medications
  • Increases efficiency & streamlines pharmacy operations
  • Provides just-in-time therapeutic interventions
  • Helps you to measure, manage & improve patient adherence
  • Easily manage your entire patient population in one system — including patients on orphan or pseudo specialty drugs. Any condition. Any medication. All through one system —TherigySTM
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Help Patients Achieve Their Intended Medication Therapy Outcomes

TherigyEngage is the gateway to a world of mobile patient engagement & digital communication and education tools. 

  • Access on-demand, patient-specific medication videos that complement TherigyAssure’s clinical content
  • Meet URAC multi-lingual & multi-modal requirements
  • Better understand your patient populations
  • Provide your patients with videos on 56 different conditions & 209 medications in the media format of their choice in English & Spanish


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Quantify the Value of Your Clinical Programs

From small to large pharmacies, TherigyInsights provides a portfolio of reporting & data analytic solutions to help you monitor onboarding, operations & clinical performance. Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your staff, meet accreditation requirements, generate reports for payers and providers & prove the value of your clinical programs.

  • Quantify the value and efficacy of specialty therapies & clinical programs
  • Measure outcomes at both the medication & disease-state level
  • Start collecting analyzing real-world therapeutic evidence
  • Design implement quality-improvement initiatives
  • Generate reports on financial, clinical, quality-of-life & patient satisfaction outcomes
  • Access preconfigured reports or customize your own internal and external reports
  • Prove your value to payers, pharma companies & accrediting agencies
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The Bottom Line: Why Choose TherigySTM?

Quite simply, TherigySTM—the most comprehensive, most patient-centric therapy-management solution—enables you to provide the best care possible for all of your patients, because TherigySTM has been designed from the ground up to: 

  • Deliver high levels of business success
  • Maximize your clinical performance
  • Help you to significantly improve patient outcomes
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