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Therigy™ Adds Referral Manager to TherigySTM™

  April 21, 2015

TherigySTM’s Referral Manager™ provides specialty pharmacies with the essential tools for managing the drug therapy approval process.

April 21, 2015 – Maitland, FL – Therigy, LLC announced today the release of a major addition to TherigySTM – the industry leading specialty therapy management platform. The new module, Referral Manager, enables specialty pharmacies to maximize reimbursements, measure performance, and support pharmaceutical manufacturer contracts.

“Referral Manager is an exciting extension of the TherigySTM clinical platform,” said Russel Allinson, CEO and Chief Clinical Officer of Therigy. “It provides pharmacies with cost-effective access to best-in-class referral tracking, management, and reporting capabilities.”

TherigySTM provides a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that integrates with a pharmacy’s existing dispensing system and supports the referral management and therapy management requirements of specialty drug therapies.

“This new capability has been extremely well received by customers who have expressed that Referral Manager fills key process and data gaps in the front-end of the drug therapy approval process,” said Joseph Morse,  Therigy’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “This is the next logical extension of TherigySTM and significantly increases the overall value of the product for our customers.”

About TherigySTM ™

TherigySTM is the industry’s leading application for pharmacies to deliver specialty therapy management for improved patient outcomes. The HIPAA-compliant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application integrates with dispensing systems and delivers pre-configured disease and therapy-specific clinical content for pharmacies to manage, track, and report customized data to payers and manufacturers. Therigy has configured more than 182 clinical assessments into TherigySTM providing a turn-key application. Additionally, TherigySTM gives customers the ability to customize pre-configured content and create proprietary care plans. The Referral Manager module moves the referral through the approval process while enabling documentation required for analysis and reporting. The addition of Referral Manager functionality to TherigySTM helps pharmacies efficiently onboard patients during the therapy approval process.


About Therigy™

Therigy is the trusted source for innovative, best-in-class software and expert consulting services to the specialty pharmaceutical market. Clients leverage Therigy’s solutions, data, and insights to achieve clinical and economic success by aligning strategy, technology, and people.

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